The #1 Reason to Walk to Work

Walking to work is a win-win on so many levels. Here are some of the most popular reasons

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I remember being little, maybe 6, and thinking that my parents were PERFECT. They were the absolute definition of happiness and I thought they were magical. They were always smiling, always had dinner on the table and it always seemed effortless.

Tonight I was driving home from work. The side streets still covered with snow, the sidewalks not plowed. A dad was walking on the street, double stroller in one hand, pizza in another. I waved at him to cross, god knows the other traffic was just in a hurry to get to their own homes. He waved and smiled and impressively maneuvered the stroller across the snow covered street.

His kids probably think he is foolproof. But the overwhelmed smile on his face as he crossed the street suggested a man, struggling to find home. Struggling to find time to make dinner. Struggling to find a car who would let him cross.

We are all struggling. Trying our best to stay above water. Trying to find a glisten in the darkness, a beam of gratitude in the worst day. Everyone you see, is trying the very best they can, with what they have. Image result for ottawa snow


Waves Update

My poetry collection Waves is in full force. I’m working with an amazing artist ( who is helping me bring the poetry to life! I’ve been raising funds via indiegogo for the costs of publishing and let me tell you it aint easy. 

I’m not one to push anything onto people or ask for things, but I’ve been trying to tell people about Waves, what it means to me, and why I need their support to get it out there.

I’ve also been reaching out to publishers. I don’t expect to get my first book published. But man, it would be super cool if they showed interest. Time will tell!

If you wanna check out what Waves is all about, check it here

Thank you all ❤


Writing a poetry book

So, lately I’ve been trying to write a lot and get a substantial amount of writing done for my book. I’ve come to realize many things while writing this book…


  • You’ll likely drink a lot of beer. I mean how else will you be able to stand sitting still for so long.
  • You’ll also consume dangerous amounts of caffeine.
  • Coffee shops might become a second home.
  • And you’ll probably stare at people without noticing while you’re trying to find inspiration.
  • All you’ll want to talk about is how much time it takes to write a book.
  • And you’ll probably waste a lot of time contemplating on quitting writing for good.
  • But when you get a poem just right- you might cry a few happy tears.


Books I am currently reading:

  • An Invisible Thread
  • Will Grayson Will Grayson
  • The Catcher in the Rye

My favourite of the three is by far An Invisible Thread. It restores my faith in human kindness while reinforcing my belief that we can all endure pain and become stronger from that pain. Highly recommend!